home dashboard

dashboard in use
The dashboard in use. Maybe I'll wallmount it at some point.

technologies used: raspberry pi, vue.js, node.js, express, cozi api, yahoo weather api

For this project, I used a spare Raspberry Pi Zero W and computer monitor to display weather, time, and calendar information. This was primarily a web development project as I simply set the Raspberry Pi to open Chromium in Kiosk Mode to a website displaying this info on boot and plugged the Pi into the monitor using a Mini-HDMI to VGA adapter.

dashboard site
The site displaying the data.

For the website, I collected data from the APIs of Cozi, Yahoo! Weather, and MuffinLab's This Day In History on the backend using Node.js. For the frontend, I created a custom page from scratch using Vue.js with some icons from Font Awesome and Weather Icons.

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